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Ransom Crew is a collective of creatives making serious noise in and around Scotland. The idea for Ransom Crew started back in 2011, At the time, Ransom FA & Konz felt like there were no outlets for Scottish musicians and so RFM (Ransom Fee Media) was created. As Konz wanted to focus on videography he took charge of this channel whilst Ransom FA focussed on pioneering his own unique sound. Over the years Ransom FA has built up real momentum, sharing the stage with some of the UK’s most popular acts including Skepta, Giggs, Big Narstie and boasts tens of thousands of online plays and hits.

Ransom Crew was officially established towards the end of 2015, It started with a solo MC (Ransom FA) but has now expanded to encompass/include other media outlets. With MCs, Producers, Management & DJs at the ready, Ransom Crew is quickly becoming a major force in the music scene.

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